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Family business


It all began when we moved from the city to the country. Getting used to the country peace needed some time coming from a crowded population center. Now we enjoy the peace but we also want to be in connection with the people we know all over the world. The man of the house has been working with computers when he popped out of his mothers womb but the woman's job career was helping people. Being close. That was the beginning of this journey. To join these two thinking patterns in a fresh way. Consolelogger story has now begun bringing digital solutions in a humane way.
Our little family business can be found in a little red house in the middle of the forest. Here the mind rests and brings forth new creative ideas. Year 2020 changed the world. To us, as a digital service provider, it gave even more important reason to think the human first.

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Coding  custom websites from scratch or modifying them with industry standard programming languages. 

WordPress Sites

WordPress installations and configurations to meet your needs and also meet the best web practices and optimization for Search engines.

Social Media

Various social media account management and creating video and image posts and thumbnails.

Reviews from our happy clients

We are committed to excellent service and the very best customer experience

The biggest fear was I wouldn’t get value for money but the best part about the service was they followed the brief very well and had great suggestions to enhance the project. and i would recommend It anyone seeking a good and reliable service. Best descibed in three words: Reliable, effective, engaging. What stuck out the most was the communication, sticking to the brief, programming code and graphics. The goal was to have website which was engaging and delivered content to the viewer seamlessly.
Graphics designer
Biggest fear was dealing with a relatively new company from a country in another time zone. The best part was how well the company worked with our ToidyMat team, the clear and consistent communication we received, which resulted in an excellent finished product. I would recommend this service to businesses who require fresh innovative creative services at a fair price, located anywhere worldwide. Knowledgeable - Creative - Reliable. Qualities are: Mature and responsible employees. High level of expertise in video production, graphics and programming. Fast turn- around. Able to work well with our own team. Our company ToidyMat produces disposable contour toilet mats to help caregivers with a sensitive problem, namely toilet misses, so creating catchy advertising that is non-offensive is a difficult task to overcome. Our goal was to increase exposure by having clever advertising videos produced which were to be sharable on many social media platforms for maximum exposure, with measurable reports. We wanted a fresh approach that would appeal to a middle-aged audience, produced in a timely manner.
Steve Lesperance

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